Centrum Trade is a chain of 8 sales centers, distributed in all major cities of the Republic of Srpska (Banja Luka, Doboj, Gradiska, Kozarska Dubica). In its markets it offers a wide range of products needed for complete furnishing and arrangement of home and garden.

Besides variety of facades, paints and varnishes, machines and tools, ceramics and sanitary ware, furniture, lightening and cabinets offered by Centrum Trade, customers can also select a range of products from its most refined Garden and Pet center in the region.


Centrum buyers mainly come from urban environment, having medium to higher purchasing power:

  • Young people aged between 25 and 35 who redecorate and equip their home
  • Middle aged population from 35 to 55 years old, who follow trends and renovate their home
  • Professionals who use the Centrum Assortment through the profession
  • Customers interested in DIY home appliance design

Centrum’s business, which lasts over 20 years, is based on partnership and successful business cooperation with over 200 domestic and European companies, whose products make Centrum have an assortment of over 50,000 items. Our network of business partners is spread across 15 European countries.

During the last two decades, the development route of Centrum stretched from a small shop to our largest shopping center of 12,500 m2, with a team that at this moment makes over 350 workers. With its accountable relationship with suppliers and customers, Centrum has gained the reputation of a stable and responsible company, which confirms its inclusion among the 100 most successful companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Among the many awards, there is also the Business Personality Award in 2017, which was received by the owner and CEO of Centrum.

Its success Centrum builds on constant communication with customers and recognition of their needs, resulting in a decision to invest in a retail park in Gradiška. Recognizing above all the potential of the city itself, its location and good connections with the EU countries, as well as the needs of the local population and citizens from the surrounding border towns, Centrum Trade makes an investment that exceeds the value of several millions euro, with the aim of providing a place for a pleasant and comprehensive shopping in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is our prediction that in 2021, the biggest shopping center in this area will attract and become a favorite shopping destination for customers from both Bosnia and Herzegovina and for the ones residing the northwestern part of Croatia and Slovenia.

Centrum Retail Park, with its over 18,000 m2, and a 280-place parking lot, will follow the world’s standards and trends and aims to please customers with the most renowned international and regional brands from their offer.

Contact: 00 387 51 366 827, 00 387 65 896 422

E-mail: office@centrumtrade.com, branko@centrumtrade.com

Address: XVI KNOUB br. 10, Zalužani, Banja Luka