The New Retail Park opens in 2021

The Retail Park will expand to 18,000 m2. It will be located on the road that leads directly from the border crossing with EU.

The construction of a circular road is planned as well, which would enable a quick and easy access to the parking lot of the Retail Park. It will be positioned close to the large non-foodmarket, which is a shopping destination for consumers from the EU, as well as close to 4 supermarkets where the domestic population is supplied.It will be the only Retail Park in the territory extending from Zagreb to Slavonski Brod, and with its proximity it will attract customers living between these two Croatian cities.

European designers engaged in the development of the Retail Park project were guided by the idea of space that would satisfy the need for all kinds of shopping, and the desire for family entertainment, leaving a large part of the green areas for free activities. So, with its ambience and variety of offer, it will become the destination of day-to-day retention, during which buyers will have the opportunity for a daily, weekly and weekend shopping complete with different kinds of entertainment.A large number of shops, cinemas, children’s playgrounds, restaurants and cafes together will make shopping a top-notch entertainment.



The stores with famous domestic and international brands will provide visitors with the latest fashion and sportswear collection of clothing and footwear, as well as a rich selection of cosmetics.In order to satisfy the needs of the entire family and their home, besides clothing, there will also be an excellent choice of the Home Center product range, home appliances, lighting, utensils and home decor.The home equipping offer has been expanded with a complete range of home furnishing, such as machines and tools, facades, paints and varnishes, ceramics and sanitary ware, carpentry, that is,Retail Park will be a complete range of assortments for building, furnishing and home furnishings. With its Garden center, the offer will be expanded to gardening as well.A part of the Retail Park will be dedicated to the youngest, and different types of toys will be represented for all ages.



Various forms of entertainment, such as cinemas, children’s playrooms and green areas, will be available to customers as a content for a full-day animation.



A restaurant with a varied cuisine as well as themed cafes with its service will provide refreshment after entertainment and shopping.With its content, good position and accessibility of its location from all roads that pass through Gradiška, this Retail Park will soon become a top shopping and entertainment destination for the whole family.