Why invest in Gradiška?

Gradiška is a city settlement and the seat of the municipality of the same name in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the 2013 population census, Gradiška municipality has 49,196 inhabitants. Gradiška is a border town between the Republic of Srpska (BiH) and the Republic of Croatia (EU). In the very center of the city there is one of the busiest border crossings. Because of the proximity of the border and the favorable geographic position, this city has been the favorite shopping destination for the population of the northwestern part of Croatia and Slovenia for the last two decades.

Today, the largest number of employees in Gradiska deals with service activities: trade and hospitality.

In addition to a large number of supermarkets in the city there is a large market of non-food goods. Gradiska is one of the most developed municipalities in the Republic of Srpska with social, economic, fiscal and administrative potential. With the employment rate of the domestic population above the republican average, as well as the daily influx of EU citizens visiting the city for a comprehensive shopping, the need for daily, weekly and weekend shopping has opened up, which the retail park will fully meet. Gradiska is primarily characterized by the immediate vicinity of the motorway through Croatia with a border crossing, enabling the daily fluctuation of a large number of EU citizens who experience Gradiska as a market center of the region.


  • Strategic location on the EU border – gradiška possesses the best geographical position in the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Simple access to international markets – crossroads of business roads on the Balkan peninsula.
  • Safety in business operation – signed agreement on stabilization and joining EU.
  • Favorable law frame for foreign investments – transfer of the profit is exempt from tax, foreign investments  are excluded from customs on the equipment that is subject of investment.
  • The largest international caracter transit border crossing in Bosnia and Herzegovina – yearly traffic of 1.000.000 passenger vehicles and 100.000 freight vehicles.
  • The lowest profit tax in Europe 10% and tax on added value 17% – significantly lower costs of business operation than in the countries of EU.
  • Competitive and qualified work force – largely available work force in the field of light industry, manufacturing, market and trades.
  • Finished infrastructure with extremely favorable operational costs for business – lower costs of electrical energy, utilities, telecommunications…..
  • Proactive and flexible administration – accelerated procedures of registration of business and permit issuing.
  • Support of investor center.